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Why Do We Replay Traumatic Events in Our Heads?

Resolutions Healthcare Blog will be a site where I will begin to post and share about addictions, mental health, and our proprietary trauma treatment model Resolution Focused Therapy©(RFT©). It will also contain the necessary information to assist people struggling with addictions and mental health. I hope this blog will help those in need of information and education on substance abuse and mental health issues. In no way is this page meant to be therapy! I need to stress this point. If you feel overwhelmed in your life please seek professional help! Thank you!

Why Do We Replay Traumatic Events in Our Heads?

Why do we keep playing a past traumatic event over and over in our minds? With children thisrepetitive cycle reveals itself through art, games, and behaviors. With adults, it’s oftenintertwined with symptoms such as “Flashbacks”, anxiety, depression, or concealed in their dailyobsessive/compulsive rituals. In my Resolution Focused Therapy© (RFT) I call it “Spinning” (re-playing the […]

Unresolved Trauma: Wounds That Will Not Heal with Sobriety Alone!

Resolutions Healthcare’s addiction curriculum includes my Phase I of Resolution Focused Therapy© (RFT) trauma model. Phase I helps clients connect the dots necessary to resolve our past trauma/issues. I say beginning because that is all you can hope for the first 30 days of sobriety. Any rehab that professes trauma resolution in the first 30 […]


Death and dying are inevitable and a part of life. However, the sudden death of a loved one poses an entirely different challenge that very few of us are truly prepared for. And yes, I do consider the death and dying of a loved one as a traumatic event. There are just too many emotions, […]

We Are the Product of Our Past Resolved and Unresolved Issues

My Resolution Focused Therapy© (RFT) is founded in inductive reasoning and my own life’sjourney. All of us have past resolved and unresolved issues in our lives and we are the productof those issues. How you deal with your past will determine how you live your lives in thepresent. My RFT philosophy stresses that the more […]


Before moving forward with this topic let me say that the development of Timelines can sometimes dredge up past emotional experiences. If at any time you find yourselves getting too emotional, please stop the process until feeling more stable or relaxed to continue. If this emotional reaction becomes too overwhelming, please stop, and seek professional […]


The “Mind, Body, and Spirit” philosophy is not only my personal mantra, but Resolution’s Healthcare’s logo and way of life. The difference for me and our company is we preach it all the time. We are not saying it just to sound good for public relations, it’s part of our mental health and recovery beliefs. […]


I’m sure you have all heard the adage “Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things”, there have been several variations of the quote, but this captures the gist of them all. I have found this to be very true in the substance abuse field. In fact, it’s true with any addiction. In active addictions we become […]


For those of you who watch movies, you often see and relate to characters and plots. Sometimes they are accurate and other times sensationalized by Hollywood. We cry, laugh, become sad and happy as we watch movies. What movies do you identify with, and why? Start noticing what draws you to a movie and why. […]


If you have ever said “I can’t live without you” to someone, please read this blog. You need to recognize those words are a red flag for you and your future. If you have said these words and sort of meant it figuratively, then disregard the rest of this blog. Those five words send shivers down my spine when I hear people say them to a loved one. All I hear is their lives are worthless without their loved ones, and that is just not healthy in any way, shape, or form.


They say, “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness”, well I’m adding recovery to that adage. I know, I know, many people will say different things about money buying the ability to achieve happiness. And still more people will say money can buy a better treatment center for recovery. I recognize all those variations, but it has been my personal and professional experience that both happiness and recovery come from within, regardless of how much money you have.


Tough love is an expression that usually refers to loved ones drawing a line in the sand that says enough is enough with someone in their lives. Most of the times it is used to describe taking a hard stand with loved ones addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It usually means cutting all ties with […]


I have often used the expression “Stop digging the hole” to clients and leaders when they try to defend a losing cause just because they could not admit there was a better way or choice. In other words, you cannot climb out of the hole until you stop digging it, and to climb out you […]