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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Resolutions Healthcare’s “Partial Hospitalization Program” (PHP) is a structured program providing care 5 days a week for no less than 6 hours a day. Clients in this level of care are reviewed weekly by the multidisciplinary treatment team and treatment plans are adjusted accordingly.

Clients in PHP will have access to nursing and medical care as needed. Dual diagnosis clients will have access to psychiatric care as needed.

PHP programming includes individual, collaborative, and problem focused treatment plans with initial discharge planning within 72 hours of admit, all program services conducted are consistent with the client’s language. A review and update of the clients’ individual treatment plans will be conducted whenever the condition of the client changes over the course of treatment or midway through treatment and then every 30 days, whichever occurs first.  

Clients are expected to participate in regularly scheduled groups. Treatment, discharge, and aftercare planning will continue in a collaborative fashion between the client and the multi-disciplinary treatment team, including licensed therapists.  The multi -disciplinary team will meet weekly to review the client’s progress in meeting treatment goals the appropriateness of the level of care, and the results documented.

Treatment plans will be modified as needed.  As a result of the team meeting, clients may be continued in care, transferred to a higher or lower level of care, or, discharged as non-compliant if multiple rule infractions and the safety of self and others are at risk (appropriate transfers and referrals will be arranged in these instances), or discharged as successful completions.

All clients are subject to drug screens on a random and/or for cause basis. Relapse does not automatically require an increased level of care but does require a re-evaluation of the client for motivation and service needs.  A treatment plan review/update is completed in this situation. 

Admission criteria for partial hospitalization treatment are as follows:

  • The client meets the DSM V criteria for substance abuse or dependence.
  • Dual-diagnosis clients must demonstrate a willingness and ability to remain compliant with appropriate mental health treatment including medication management.
  • The client demonstrates motivation and willingness to participate in treatment, and to comply with and ability to achieve the goals of treatment.
  • The client’s home environment is conducive to recovery and supportive of the same, or the client has demonstrated the skills to develop an appropriate support system [such as the use of a sober living facility]
  • The client does not require acute medical care or acute detoxification.
  • Client does not pose a threat of harm to themselves, others, and/or property, and are not gravely disabled.

When a client is discharging the program a discharge plan, which began when admitted and during the early stages of treatment, is completed with the client.  This plan is given to the client prior to discharge and includes referrals, follow-up appointments, recovery maintenance services and goals and plans, medications, and a specific 24 hour plan to remain abstinent and healthy after leaving the program.