Resolutions Healthcare’s Philosophy Regarding Treatment

Resolutions Healthcare’s mission will be to strive for a healthy and balanced life for all those suffering from addictions, traumas, and other mental health issues. We will accomplish this by providing a quality resolution focused treatment program built on our proprietary model Resolution Focused Therapy©, (RFT©) and a philosophy of healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

The RFT© model is founded in an evidenced based cognitive behavioral based philosophy. Vinnie’s belief is that many mental health disorders are a result of these unresolved past issues and that many practitioners spend too much time “chasing symptoms” (e.g., anxieties, depressions, addictions, etc.) and not addressing the core issues fueling those symptoms. At Hidden Oaks we begin to explore the core issues that often fuel these symptoms.

Vinnie Strumolo, co-founder, author, and CEO has specialized in PTSD since 1990. Resolutions Healthcare will focus treatment on his cognitive behavioral based RFT model, Resolution Focused Therapy© (RFT©). The basic premise is simple, help our clients in recovery begin the lifelong journey to achieve resolution of past and present issues that have negatively impacted their lives and have led them to their present addictions and state of mind.

Vinnie has developed this model from his own lifelong journey to reach inner peace and bring his own issues to resolution. He continues to personally practice this philosophy which is based on a balance of the Mind, Body and Spirit. In addition to his CEO responsibilities, he also conducts Trauma and Addiction groups at Resolutions programs, His leadership team has over 90 years of experience in the mental health and addictions field.

Vinnie has a strong belief that most of the clients that wind up in substance abuse treatment have long been impacted by unresolved events in their lives. These events include, but are not limited to, traumas related to past abuse, death and dying, war, domestic violence, divorce, child custody, etc. At our flagship inpatient facility “Hidden Oaks”, located in Chatfield, TX, clients will learn how their current condition relates to their past experiences. Hidden Oaks is a 46 acre ranch in a secluded and private off the grid location.

At Hidden Oaks we recognize that resolving past traumas or present symptoms cannot realistically be addressed in such short stays at addiction treatment centers. However, we will begin to educate and teach good grounding skills. Clients are taught to utilize the learned grounding techniques to practice after discharging and to continue pursuing the goals of resolving their past issues. The journey to inner peace is a lifelong pursuit that requires lifechanging habits. Our clients will learn the tools needed to begin that journey.